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Covenant University Commemorates World Malaria Day with Medical Outreach to SIFOR Community

Covenant University has reached out to Sifor Community, an area just outside the vicinity of Canaanland, with a robust Medical Outreach, in commemoration of the 2024 World Malaria Day.

Jubilations and excitement filled the air, as the people of the community thronged the venue of the outreach, to have themselves examined for various diseases such as Malaria, Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure and so on.

Over two Hundred people benefitted, were examined and given necessary medical treatment. More interestingly, the nursing mothers had the added benefit of going home with insecticide-treated nets to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

The outreach also featured a health talk anchored by health personnel from the University, who used the medium to educate the Sifor Community on the need to keep their environment clean as well as the benefits of good nutrition which helps to ward off diseases and illnesses.

The Chair, Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CUCDIIC), Dr. Aderonke Asaolu, spoke on the need to fight the scourge of Malaria with all intentionality as the parasite has greatly endangered many families and has sent many to their early graves.

According to her, statistics from the World Health Organisation is saddening and that is why CUCDIIC will always use any opportunity offered by special days like this to reach out to communities around Covenant University to create awareness and of course get the much-needed succor to the people.

She used the occasion to thank the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, whose astute vision birthed Covenant University for creating this platform as well as the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, for facilitating the program.

Professor Chinonye Love Moses, used the occasion to espouse to the people the need for them to inculcate the ‘eat well’ attitude by making sure that all their diets contain all the classes of food.

According to her, improvement in our health is also attributable to how we incorporate vitamins, minerals and adequate intake of water in our diets, as various diseases are fought headlong by these essentials.

Dr Akinola in her health talk implored the Sifor Community to make sure they do away with anything that can make mosquitoes thrive around their various homes.

She made a special case for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, who must be adequately protected from mosquitoes as much as possible and this is because, according to her, they are the most susceptible to the malaria parasite and our children must be protected from mosquito bites to prevent infant mortality in our country.

She advised further that clearing of bushes around our homes and the prevention of the build-up of stagnant waters around our abodes is very essential to the fight against the breeding of mosquitoes thereby curbing the cases of malaria in our environment.

Overall, people of Sifor community were glad for the timely intervention of Covenant University and pleasant praises were heaped on the Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo and the Management of the University for this laudable effort in helping them to fight Malaria.





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