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Akinpelu Advises CU Students to Acquire Skills, Build Relationships

The Keynote Speaker at the just concluded Covenant University International Education and Career Fair 2024, which took place at the Covenant University African Leadership Development Center (ALDC), Dr. Akin Akinpelu, has advised the students of the University to acquire skills, build relationships, and seek exposure, in other to become valued individuals.

Dr. Akinpelu, a great alumnus of Covenant University, a Dream Releaser for Kings and C-Suite Leaders and the CEO of Akin Akinpelu Learning and Development Company, Lagos, Nigeria, while speaking on the topic, ‘Rise Irrespective,’ highlighted the diminishing advantages of Africa's natural resources. He used examples such as cocoa and gold to illustrate how being mere consumers rather than producers has hindered economic prosperity. He pointed out that true help from outside is often not beneficial as it comes with an opportunity cost, diminishing the potential for freedom.

Dr. Akinpelu who is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a Performance Coach, a Development Consultant, and author of several books, quoted the Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, emphasizing that, "It does not have to be black, to be right, and that black is not synonymous with lack." He challenged students to aim for greatness rather than just success and to navigate the competitive global landscape with a proactive mindset.

Dr. Akinpelu reminded students that Africa is at a tipping point and urged them to be both producers and consumers. He encouraged them to continuously assess their contributions against the test of universality.

Representing the Vice-Chancellor at the event, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olujide Adekeye, emphasized that the career fair is one of the initiatives at Covenant University to ensure students are well prepared for societal expectations. He stressed the importance of being job-market-ready, whether as employees or employers. He encouraged students to learn from the Guest Speaker’s global experiences and informed the guests and partner institutions that Covenant University consistently produces the most employable graduates in Nigeria. He attributed this achievement to initiatives like the Education and Career Fair.

Professor Adekeye described Covenant as a leadership academy committed to maintaining its standards and emphasized the significance of the fair as a platform for exploring educational and professional opportunities, thereby aiding students in making informed decisions about their career or academic paths. He urged students to fully engage in the event to gain valuable insights.

In her remarks, the Registrar, Mrs. Regina A. Tobi-David, described Covenant University as a birthplace of kings and queens, with a strong mandate to raise a new generation of leaders based on its core values and departure philosophy. She emphasized that the University's custom-built programs have successfully nurtured new leaders who excel in their professional arenas. She lauded the career fair as a moment where aspirations meet opportunities, sowing the seeds of future successes.

Mrs. Tobi-David praised the students' commitment to excellence and reminded them that their education has equipped them not only with knowledge but also with the skills and resilience needed in a rapidly evolving global landscape. She expressed gratitude to the guests for their participation, underscoring their recognition of the students' potential and their willingness to mentor and guide them toward success.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, Dr. Isaac Akinwumi, Director, International Office and Linkages, appreciated the Covenant University management for its consistent and energetic drive towards the vision of the university. He noted that the Educational Career Fair provides final-year students with the opportunity and privilege to confront the world, well-equipped, improving their knowledge, resources, and overall preparedness. He highlighted that Covenant University students and graduates have consistently excelled, attracting companies for recruitment and garnering interest from universities both locally and internationally.

Dr. Akinwumi assured international university representatives that Covenant University produces some of the best students and encouraged students to maximize the opportunities presented at the fair. He also advised them to be open-minded and receptive to the insights shared by the speakers, facilitating a seamless transition from campus life to professional or postgraduate pursuits, and ultimately fostering their career development.

The event concluded with an interactive session of questions and answers, followed by pitches from participating representatives of universities and relevant educational organizations and further interactions with students.

The International Education and Career Fair 2024 at Covenant University showcased the institution’s dedication to preparing its students for the future, fostering an environment where academic and professional aspirations can flourish.









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