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Empowering English Language Graduates, from Passion to Portfolio

The Department of Language and General Studies of Covenant University recently hosted its Town and Gown seminar featuring Emmanuella Uuijiatlor, an alumna of the Department with over a decade of experience in human resources, who shared her success stories and volunteer work in community services and several NGOs.

Emmanuella Uuijiatlor, who is a Human Resource/Chief Executive Officer of her own consulting company, while speaking at the event which was held at the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS) Multipurpose Hall, addressed the topic, ‘Passion to Portfolio and Opportunities for Graduates of English.’

Uuijiatlor shared insights into how students can align their passions with their future careers. She encouraged students to document their extracurricular activities and volunteer work as part of their portfolio, emphasizing the importance of showcasing these experiences to potential employers. She highlighted the value of service, passion, and evidence of achievements in building a successful career.

Miss Uuijiatlor defined service as the act of helping and working with others, while passion was described as excitement or deep affection for something. She urged students to be creative, hardworking, and prayerful in their pursuits, emphasizing the importance of taking ownership of their stories and showcasing their best work.

She also encouraged students to acquire professional certifications relevant to their fields, engage in continuous learning, and explore various opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Head, Department of Languages and General Studies, Dr. Samuel Owoeye, advised students to earn a good degree and positively impact society. He emphasized that a degree should not only be a personal achievement, but should also contribute to the betterment of society, aligning with the purpose of the Town and Gown series at Covenant University.

Professor Omidora, a lecturer in the department, reiterated the relevance of English Language graduates in various professions and organizations worldwide, emphasizing the importance of effective communication skills.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Owoeye reiterated the importance of service, passion, and building a strong portfolio. He expressed pride in the speaker's impactful contributions to society and the valuable knowledge imparted to the students.

The seminar, attended by other members of staff and faculty of the department, provided students with valuable insights and inspiration to pursue their passions and create meaningful careers.


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